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I'm a California native and have always been intrigued with pictures. Growing up they were just pictures. It was not until several years ago when my parents pulled out pictures of me as a child that the photos started coming alive. I started looking at them and reminiscing about those moments frozen in time. The pictures are “Making Memories”. I'm self-taught and have taken my hobby of capturing the moments to a passion of “Making Memories” for myself and others. I do on-location shoots and uses natural lighting and the environment around to capture the true picture of the moment. Whether it’s a child’s birthday party, baptism, family portrait, day at the beach, walk in the park, or any cherished occasion, the possibilities are endless. So what is the memory that you want to capture and keep alive forever? Let’s meet over a cup of coffee and discuss this memory, and make it a part of your life that will be remembered and cherished by family and friends forever.